I'm planning to make camembert cheese but I'm confused on what cultures to add. Any tips?

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I can see why! Let's do a round up:

  • Rikki Carroll recommends Flora Danica, Penicillium Candidum, and Geotrichum Candidum
  • Gavin Webber recommends Mesophilic direct set culture, plus Penicillium Candidum
  • Curd Nerd recommends Flora Danica and Penicillium Candidum
  • Country Brewer recommends "camebert cheese culture" which doesn't help at all
  • Food52 recommends either Flora Danica or Mesophilic culture, and Penicillium

Given the above, I'd tend to go with Flora Danica and Penicillium Candidum, at least for a first try. At least the amounts seem to be consistent: 1/4 and 1/8 teaspoon, respectively. According to Carroll, the Geotrichum helps give the Camembert a thick, fuzzy white rind, so use it too if you can get it.

Caveat: I haven't made this cheese myself, and my friends who have aren't available for questions this weekend.

  • Nice collection! You could always invite your cheese maker friends to the site and have them share their wisdom in their own answers <hint, hint> ;-)
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