I made Kimchi and put it into glass jars, based on this recipe: https://www.feastingathome.com/how-to-make-kimchi/

I made it in 2 batches:

  • 1 batch I accidentally put double the salt, but gave it an extra rinse after 4 hours. I also forgot to put the daikon in it.
  • 1 batch I had normal salt and rinsed after 8 hours

When mixing with the paste I tasted the first batch and found it a bit salty, however I put both batched into jars nonetheless.

I'm concerned of both batches being to salty and inedible, so I thought of the following plan:

  • taste each jar after 1 week
  • if too salty, mix in another daikon to "thin out" and distribute the salt over more material.

To make sure I don't spoil the batches I was going to

  • use a fresh fork to taste each jar
  • get mixing bowls and forks straight out of a freshly run dishwasher
  • mix with freshly dishwashed cutlery only

Is this a good approach or is there a better way to check and fix overly salty Kimchi

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Actually, your idea is pretty much exactly the method used in Korea to mellow out salty kimchi. Apparently it works via osmosis. Link in Korean

Just make sure to spread out the daikon, and let it sit for a few days before checking so that it can get the job done. Also, don't salt it beforehand (although this is admittedly quite obvious).

  • Just to confirm that this worked perfectly
    – jdog
    Apr 16, 2021 at 23:11

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