I frequently eat these Madeleine pastries, and then drink filtered tap water after. For some reason, this sometimes creates an off-putting, "grassy" aftertaste. Does anyone have an explanation for it?

Here's the ingredients list for the Madeleines:

Untreated and unbleached enriched wheat flour • Eggs • Sugars (white sugar, liquid invert sugar) • Soy, palm, modified palm and modified palm kernel margarine • Water • Baking powder • Whey powder • Natural and artificial flavors • Sodium propionate [preservative].

I live in southern Ontario so the water has some minerals in it, although we have a filter which should be removing most of it.

The aftertaste is hard to describe, something like the smell of grass and iron.

  • It's likely that no one will be able to answer this. But some questions that could help get to the bottom: Do you only experience this aftertaste after first eating the madeleines and then drinking the water, or does it happen if you do it in the other order? Does it ever happen with the madeleines or the water alone? Does it happen with bottled water instead of tap water, or with any other beverage? Does the freshness of the madeleines matter? Have you ever tasted this aftertaste before with any food or beverage?
    – user37496
    Mar 20 at 0:07

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