I bought some frozen Hairtail fish (Chinese: 帶魚) and one of them had some kind of isopod on it. I already removed the bug and threw it out, but after some research it looks a lot like the image here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymothoidae

Is it still okay to cook and eat the fish?

  • I don't understand the factors at play here enough to answer the question, but I have once read that fish are generally required to be frozen in such a way that kills the vast majority of parasites and renders them harmless. Here are some FDA guidances that may help you make an informed decision: fda.gov/media/80777/download – MrSimplemaker Apr 7 at 22:14

I'd say no.

Conventional wisdom suggest that when in doubt, throw it.

Throw it away, go back to your fishmonger/store and tell them about that.

If that fails, do not buy from that brand (if there's any brands attached to your frozen fish)


Fish is such food that causes food poisoning quickly. And if you see something there, like isopods, or the colour is not okay, or it smells strange, it's better to through it away. Even if you cook it it doesn't guarantee you safety.

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