If I ask for eggs, sunny-side-up, they will have yellow barely cooked yolks. At home I avoid this by placing a lid and creating hot air or steam that cooks the top more thoroughly. How do I ask for this style at a restaurant? What term do I use?

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    Does this answer your question? What would you call this way of cooking an egg? – Sneftel Apr 10 at 21:03
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    Yes, but it is probably not worth it to say "sunny-side-up, well-done/basted" lest there be confusion, and settle for old, reliable "eggs over easy!" – Guy Apr 10 at 23:54
  • I have asked for them "crispy" to get them overcooked a little the way I like. – John Meacham Apr 11 at 10:57

There are two different techniques possible here – obviously, simply frying for a longer time will cook the yolk more thouroghly. You might order this as “sunny-side up, well done”.

However, what you achieve by cooking with a lid isn't really considered just frying, but Basting, so what you want to ask for is probably a basted egg.

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