When cooking things like a whole chicken or chips (fries) my oven builds up a lot of steam. So much that it comes out as a huge cloud when opening the oven door. I think this leads to a lack of crispness because it's so wet inside.

Is there a way to avoid this? Or is it a design flaw of the oven?

  • Are you confident that it's much more steam than is usual for an oven? Mine doesn't have problems I'm aware of, and I'll get steam when I open it – I don't know if it's as much as your 'huge cloud'. The steam is also much more prominent if it's cold in my kitchen. – dbmag9 May 13 at 11:43

What settings does your oven offer? Usually an oven should have proper venting of excessive moisture. Are you maybe using a special "steaming" setting instead of regular heating? If it's a regular setting that you're using, your oven might have a technical problem with ventilation that a service mechanic might be able to fix.

As a meantime band-aid fix, you might want to quickly open your oven door ever so often to let out excessive steam. If this does nothing to reduce the amount of steam, it might indeed be a steaming setting that somehow traps or even injects moisture into your oven chamber.

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