When an Australian recipe meantions a 4 inch or a 5 inch pie pan, are the pans shown below what is meant?

4" Pie pan 5" Pie pan

(10.922x7.366x3.302 cm)
volume: 219.5728018 ml

(12.192x8.636x3.048 cm)
volume: 262.1436955 ml

Many recipes assume that everyone knows this, but I certainly did not.

Where I live such pans do not exist and are hard to come by.


Disclaimer: Other than having bought the products (listed above) myself, I have no affiliation with the product or seller.

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    I really don't think something like a pie dish has an absolute set of dimensions. If you google image search 5" pie dish you get everything from vertical sides to heavy flutes & a long slope.
    – unlisted
    Jun 15, 2021 at 17:11


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