I made some hemp milk in my Joyoung the other day, and it smells like sulfur. It doesn't taste bad, but the smell is a little off-putting. Is this normal? Have I let my hemp seeds go bad? Should I filter it better?

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    I'm not familiar with hemp milk, but I'd test the seeds... Do your hemp seeds smell rancid if you just crush a few to release the oils? Smell is one of the ways our bodies determine whether or not food is safe to eat, so when in doubt, trust your nose. – Allison Jan 30 '11 at 0:22

HempNut Cookbook, by Richard Rose & Brigitte Mars, 2004 Green Press Initiative, page 21: "Shelled hempseed also is high in minerals such as ... sulfur, ...: ... Sulfur helps the body resist bacterial invasion and protects it against toxic substances."

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