I slow-cooked this meat about six months ago and had a lot left over which went into the freezer in a tightly-wrapped plastic bag. It does not really matter now when I eat it, but I do want the quality to be as good as possible (and I want to eat it in a sandwich with the meat at least a little warm).

So, thinking about quality, how should I get this meat warm?

Conventional thinking is to let the meat unfreeze over two days in the refrigerator and then warm it (maybe over 15 minutes) in a covered pan with a little water added.

An alternative might be to just go directly from freezer to covered pan and give it lower heat for a longer time (maybe over 60 minutes).

Or is there a better approach? Is there a secret here or does it taste the same either way?

One reason I'm thinking that the "alternative" above might be better is because, when freezing meat, we want to freeze it as quickly as possible to avoid large ice crystal formation (which affects the taste). So, it seems natural to do the reverse process as quickly as possible too. But, the trade-off then might be that a fast-reheating method will tend to burn the outside and leave the inside cool. Still, if the frozen meat were stored in a thin enough layer, the "alternative" above seems better.

By the way, I think this question is more about thawing raw meat. It seems to indicate that there really is not a noticeable difference, so I suspect the same here in the already-cooked case...but I wanted to ask because I really want to eat this pork.

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Hair of the dog?

You got a slow cooker. And this meat has been in there before. Putting it back in the slow cooker will do it no harm and will get some good juice back in.

  • You mean directly from the freezer? Warm, low, or high setting on slow cooker?
    – bobuhito
    Commented Jul 21, 2021 at 2:17
  • Right from the freezer. High setting. I am hungry!
    – Willk
    Commented Aug 3, 2021 at 18:43

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