I recently buy allspice berries thinking that IKEA grinders could grind it. However, the berry is just too large to this mill.

What type of mill or grinding appliance should I be looking for when I need to grind allspice?

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    Most grinders are meant for peppercorns. There are ones out there for coffee that I suspect would work for allspice unless you’ve got a goal strain that’s larger than a typical coffee bean
    – Joe
    Aug 7 at 20:17

I use a mortar and pestle without any problems. It also works for other spice seeds and is good for garlic, basil, etc.

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    I've been known to break them up a bit with the pestle and mortar, then finish the job with a pepper mill (I wanted fine+even)
    – Chris H
    Aug 8 at 14:21

I have a coffee grinder that is dedicated only for whole spices. It's faster than grinding by hand. I just knock it out in the sink and wipe out with a cloth when I am finished.


Third alternative: an Indian Food Grinder. I own one; it's capable of grinding any spice, including super-woody ones like dried galangal. Only makes sense if you're grinding a lot of spices often, though.

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