I have a new recipe that says I need table cream, sour cream and grated cheese. I have never heard of table cream and don't know what I can use instead. This is for a topping that goes over fish in the oven.

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Table cream appears to be an ingredient from Mexican cuisine, also known as media crema. Nestle offers cans of it in the US.

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This is what the website of Target says about it:

Nestle Media Crema Table Cream adds a special touch to all your sweet and savory recipes. Use it to cook, bake or top your favorite recipes and dishes. It has a neutral flavor that will allow you to enhance the flavor of all your creamy recipes. Nestle Media Crema offers you a double consistency: liquid at room temperature or thicker if you refrigerate it. Add Mexican crema in your pasta, tacos, stews, soups and sauces, or top fruits and desserts with the light cream for a tasty treat. Each can contains 7.6 ounces of shelf stable cream. Refrigerate after opening.

The BCDC has a comparison of various milk products that includes table cream:

Coffee cream, or table cream - contains 18% milk fat.

A more extensive description of the product and it’s use cases can be found at Nestle’s website.

For your recipe, you are probably fine if you

  • mix half and half with regular cream in roughly equal amounts or
  • add about a quarter of milk to regular cream.

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