I'm trying to sell home-made brownies made using Betty Crocker Fudge mix and the instructions on the back of the brownie mix box. I'm just looking to sell them for an informal bake-sale kind of event, so I'm not looking to get any fancier with brownies made from scratch.

I've been baking brownies, letting them cook for an hour or so, then heat-sealing brownies in cellophane bags. I find that heat-sealing brownies let the brownies remain tasty and fudgy for at least a week. After that, the brownies turn very dry and begin to crumble and break apart very easily. I'd like to keep my brownies moist, fudgy, and fresh for longer, so I was wondering if there are any preservatives/products I can incorporate into my brownie mix. Ideally, these preservatives would be easy to obtain (i.e. found on Amazon or local grocery stores).

I heard from friends that I could try using pectin or honey to help brownies retain their moisture for longer, but I can't find any websites that clarify how much pectin or honey I should use per box of betty crocker fudge mix. Any help/clarifycation on honey, pectin, or any other preservatives to make my brownies stay fresh/moist for longer would be super helpful! Thanks!

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    Hi Josh! Welcome to Seasoned Advice! It would be helpful if you included what kind of other research you did besides asking your friends. Did you try searching for "baking preservatives", for example? Sep 24 at 8:49
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    Frame challenge: A week is excellent for freshly baked goods, and anyone who doesn't intent to consume brownies within that time frame should be advised to freeze them.
    – user141592
    Sep 25 at 6:55

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