I soaked too many beans for my chilli, and couldn't fit them all in my slow cooker. The kidney beans were the last to go in due to their need for a hard boil, so they're what's left.

I won't have the chance to use them up in the next few days, so I intend to drain and freeze them. I reckon I can assume they will be safe, so I'm interested in quality - things like:

  • Will I need to do anything special to them when I defrost them?
  • Are they likely to fall apart (still useful, but for different foods)?
  • Will they soften?

Storing rehydrated beans also mentions freezing, but was closed as a duplicate of How long can I store soaked beans before cooking?, which doesn't address freezing at all. So even if this question turns out to be a duplicate, it's not a duplicate of that one.

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    I've actually already put them in the freezer, drained, but have asked the question as I first thought of it, because I think it's more generally useful that way
    – Chris H
    Oct 15 at 12:12

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