I used a stainless steel spoon on a brand new aluminium pan (Agnelli pan), and I created some scratches (those darker lines in the attached picture). Are those scratches going to affect the safety or the functionality of the pan? Am I supposed to use only wooden or plastic spatulas to avoid them?
aluminium pans

  • no it will not affect the safety (an oxide will form immediately, same as the rest of the pan) or effectiveness (they're probably micro/nanometers thick). I would however only use wood/plastic (I like bamboo)
    – CobaltHex
    Nov 12, 2021 at 10:23

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On an aluminium pan, no, it's fine. It's only teflon, AFAIK, that is dangerous.

However, sticking to something like wooden spatulas will be better for your pan and make it last longer.

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