What fruit pair well with spinach? This is for a cold spinach-based salad rather than cooked spinach, but I'd be interested in warm spinach too.

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You might consider citrus or other tart fruit with citrus -- mandarin oranges segments are fairly common to pair with spinich; even if you didn't use whole fruit, consider making a vinagrette using orange juice.

I've also seen recipes for spinich salads with strawberries or cranberries; I've also had a pineappe and avocado salad before that might work well with spinish instead of romaine.

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    +1 for cranberries.. craisins and oranges work well
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    Note: It best to add the acid right before serving, if you want to avoid discoloration.
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The qualities I like in complementing raw spinach are tart, crunchy and creamy.

You’ve probably seen before toasted nuts for the crunch, and cheese or dressing for the creamy, but you asked about fruit. Here are some ideas: sour apple, Asian pear, dried banana chips, jicama (not technically a fruit), melon, star fruit, seedless grapes, dried cranberries, raisins, avocado.


For salads I advise chicory and apple. I'm not sure if I use the right word when I say 'chicory' so here's a picture of what I mean. I think it's not a very loved veggie because of its bitterness, but I like the combination of the bitterness of the chicory and the sweetness of the apple.

Oh and one tip: cut out the 'root' of the chicory, it's the most bitter part.

Edit: I see the question has changed a bit. I can recommend spinach with sun-dried tomatoes and a few grilled pine nuts (and if you like onion, oregano, garlic). This is something that goes very well with pasta.


1) Dino Kale and Avacado.

Separate Kale from stems; rip and distress the kale into a bowl, cut up avacado, add sea salt.

I'll be honest the first time eating it is a bit of an adjustment but I love it now. I feel great every time I eat this salad.

2) Mandarin Oranges and Bell Peppers. Think Thai Peanut Salad with a peanut dressing.


pear and candied walnuts with some citrus dressing...maybe some goat cheese too!


I think that figs go brilliantly well with spinach salads. You could use pears, white flesh peaches or green apples for when you can't get figs.

On a different note, Roquefort cheese also works beautifully.

That's actually the recipe for one of my favourite salads.


I once had a spinash salad with raisins and cuts of Parmesan cheese. Very tasty.

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Pomegranate seeds and walnuts fit well with baby spinach salad.

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