I have been baking for around 3 years now and I have been constantly having a problem with split batters for the past few months all of a sudden. After I add eggs, my cake, cookie, etc. batters slowly begins splitting. For reference, my ingredients are always at room temperature. I scrape the bowl constantly before adding the eggs and after each addition. I slowly add the eggs. I cannot find an answer to my question online, as I always see “cold eggs,” but that is simply not the case.

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    Can you give an example of a recipe that’s giving you problems?
    – Joe
    Mar 15 at 8:00
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    The method as well as the ingredients in the recipe.
    – GdD
    Mar 15 at 9:39
  • Could there be some new equipment or other change contributing to this?
    – gnicko
    Mar 21 at 13:53


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