I have been poaching chicken breast (below 100 degree celsius) as my main source of protein for a long time. I know it is normal to see white foam in the water, but mine is waaay too much. I think the white foam is protein, and because I cannot store the soup, that is a huge protein loss for me

https://imgur.com/a/zKj8nUf , the chicken has already been transferred out, but it is so cloudy with the extreme amount of foam in the water that you cannot see the bottom of it

I want to know how can I reduce the amount of foam when poaching chicken breast. I have a cooking thermometer, but I can only use rice cooker which only have two settings: cook and keep warm (landlord restricts me on what I can use to cook)

How I usually prepare it:

  1. Put 500g of sliced thawed chicken breast into 600ml of water (basically to make sure all chicken is submerged in water)
  2. Heat it up to about 75 degree celsius in cook mode for 13 minutes (usually inner temperature of one of the chicken slice is around 55 degree celsius)
  3. Turn off heat for 3 minutes, water usually remain at 70+ degree celsius, chicken slice raise to about lower end of 6X degree celsius
  4. Turn on heat at lower temperature in keep warm mode for another 3 minutes, to let chicken slice stay at ~65 degree celsius for at least a few minutes and make sure bacteria have been killed
  5. Turn off heat, transfer the chicken into container for storage
  • I want to some general directions on where I can improve. Like add more water, try adding salt, cut the chicken in bigger pieces to reduce surface area?
  • For some reason, thawing frozen chicken breast in the fridge for 24 hours still make a bit of ice not fully melted...


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