When I cook any kind of meat there is a scum in the midst of it no matter how I cook it. Its un appitizing mixed with any vegetables also. What am I doing wrong. Is the meat bad. thani you

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    If you could clarify with more specific information, you might get some helpful responses. What types of meat? Where are you sourcing the meat? How are you cooking it (recipes or procedures will help)? Also, if you have photos, that can also be helpful. Welcome to the site!
    – moscafj
    Jun 12 at 16:22
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    Welcome! Please help us help you by giving your readers as much information as possible - the better you explain what you do the better the advice on what could be the problem and how to solve it. You can always edit your post and make it clearer.
    – Stephie
    Jun 12 at 18:41
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    Pictures would be very helpful here. I wonder if it’s proteins being extracted because of overcooking. Sort of pasty grey-white goop.
    – Preston
    Jun 12 at 21:02


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