As per title.

Can I use j-cloth to squeeze water out of grated zucchini ?

I will be using never used/new j-cloth.

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You could, but it shouldn't be your first choice. J-cloths are too porous and not nearly strong enough when wet; they are likely to tear spill the zucchini all over the counter while squeezing. You'd have to treat it very carefully to not stress it too much.

A plain cotton, linen, muslin, or blend cloth is going to work much better. I use a cotton flour sack towel, which can then be washed. If you don't have those, putting the shredded zucchini between triple layers of paper towel is still a better bet than a single j-cloth. You could, conceivably, layer the zucchini between multiple layers of j-cloth, using 4-6 of them.

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