I bought a sushi roll with shrimp, avacado, and cucumber and ate three-fourths of it before realizing that the shrimps hadn't been deveined. I could see quite a bit of the brown paste and I must have eaten some in the other pieces.

If the restaurant cooked the shrimp properly before making the roll, am I safe? It looks so disgusting with the vein left in.

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Shrimp "veins" are actually the shrimp intestines. They are unattractive and sometimes taste bad, but they are harmless to eat.

However, if I was eating in a sushi restaurant that failed to devein shrimp, I would worry about what else they may have missed in their seafood prep. One usually relies on sushi chefs to spot signs of parasite contamination, for example.

  • Needless to say but I won't be going back for exactly that reason... if they can miss something so obvious who knows what else is slipping through. Commented Jul 9, 2023 at 15:10

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