I was wondering if anybody knew that is low lower than keep warm on a crockpot?

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    Why do you want lower than "warm", which is already not hot enough to cook safely? You've tagged this "chili", implying you're actually cooking food in it
    – Chris H
    Nov 15 at 16:04

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No, low and high are hotter settings intended to actually cook food.

Warm is a setting used to hold food that’s already been cooked (and is already hot)

Update: ‘warm’ may not keep the food above 140°F and out of the ‘food danger zone’. As some slow cookers just send a constant amount of energy, they do not correspond to specific temperatures (which is further dependent on what’s in the cooker, if it’s lidded, etc).

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    And on plenty of models, "warm" can't be regarded as holding food hot enough to be safe indefinitely.
    – Chris H
    Nov 15 at 16:03
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    An excellent point. It’s a function of how much food, evaporative cooling, etc.
    – Joe
    Nov 15 at 16:07

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