I've been buying blood oranges by the kilo net, and there are always some fruits without red peel and flesh. I do feel those smell less different from ordinary oranges than the reddened specimens do, but am finding it hard to be sure I'm not imagining it.

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Blood oranges and navel oranges are indeed different, regardless of their color. Their aroma and flavor (zest or fruit) is certainly noticeable to me, though I suspect there is variance depending on variety of blood orange (Morro is commonly grown in Florida, USA, but there are several varieties). I think the aroma variance has less to do with color (though ripeness may impact this), than variety. Whether or not that matters all that much in a culinary application is up to you to decide.


There's always some variation in the blood orange skin pigmentation.

it's just more visible on blood oranges compared to "normal" oranges.

  • Blood oranges also taste different. Did you mean to imply anything about aroma, in particular of the zest?
    – ariola
    Jan 17 at 20:10
  • I don't see how this answers the question. Jan 17 at 21:39

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