I canned beef and chicken stock at 12 PSI for 25 minutes and I left the canner untouched for two days with the lid on. After the two days, I opened the canner and found that some of the jars didn't seal. I think it's safe to assume that the canner itself was sealed, so as long as I leave the lid on it, the stock in the unsealed jars are safe. I could freeze the stock for later or eat it right away. Is that true?

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If you had followed correct procedure and found the unsealed jars in a timely manner, (within 24 hours) you could use or freeze them. You did not, you waited 2 days.

It is generally false that "the canner was sealed" - most pressure canners only seal for pressure, not vacuum, as they are not designed to be a canning jar, but to process them. Thus, when the pressure inside falls below the outside pressure, a vent typically opens to equalize pressure so that the lid can be opened (and so that the canning jars remain sealed.)

Out they go.

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