Some vegans were given meat-filled dishes to eat during childhood, such as ham sandwiches and chicken soup.

For purposes of nostalgia, the former omnivores, turned vegan, enjoy the taste of chicken soup.

Is someone willing to taste both of the following and writing commentary about the nature of the seminaries or dissimilarities in taste?

Meat in Bone Broth Meat in Vegan Broth
8 cups of Water 8 cups of Water
1 skeleton of a rotisserie chicken
(reserve meat for other recipes)
1 cup nutritional yeast
1 cup vegtable shortening
(for example, Crisco Vegetable Shortening)
1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon salt

The reserved meat is to divided in half and mixed into the two different soups.

  • 1
    Is this really the way you make chicken soup? Or are you trying to just evaluate the difference in a meat broth vs a vegan stock? If so I would suggest that you specify the very product to use as most vegan substitute products vary in ingredients especially in salt content.
    – jmk
    Jan 26 at 6:05
  • 3
    A cut of fat added to 8 cups of water? That’s a grease slick, not a stock. There are plenty of commercially available vegan vegetable soup bases (Better than Bullion is highly rated, but even stock cubes or powder isn’t bad if you get ones that aren’t overly salty). But the result is often an ingredient in something else, and not just eaten as is. (And even if you made a decent chicken broth, you still don’t have chunks of protein to make it into chicken soup)
    – Joe
    Jan 26 at 11:41
  • I’d also recommend trying your replacement recipe yourself (on a smaller scale) to determine if it even tastes good. If it doesn’t, there’s no reason to make it, even if it might be similar to chicken soup.
    – Joe
    Jan 26 at 11:49
  • 1
    A whole cup of nutritional yeast sounds ghastly. Adding a cup of vegetable oil as well does not sound palatable to me.
    – GdD
    Jan 26 at 16:44
  • 1
    A quick google tells me that there are plenty of nutritional yeast bouillon recipes out there that mimic chicken broth - usually have garlic powder, onion powder, herbs and use 1 tablespoon of mix per cup of water.
    – bob1
    Jan 27 at 22:19


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