I reside part time in Bangkok where there is vibrant Burmese community operating Burmese restaurants and shops especially in Phra Khanong (พระโขนง) area.

Often when I sit to rest in Burmese restaurants for a snack or for a meanl there are teapots with what I can name as "Black tea" which for me is very strong in its caffeinerig effect, like drinking 5 cups of green tea or 5 cups of weak coffee, perhaps.
This Black Tea beverage is served hot.

What is the English name of it? Is it made of Camellia sinensis in general or a particular cultivar or a totally different plant?

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From all the reading I have done and from checking and comparing images I figure that this tea is Assam Tea or Camellia sinesis var. assamica (Masters) dried leafs.

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    Assam tea comes from the Assam region of India, not from Burma/Myanmar. Burmese tea doesn't seem to be readily available in North America, but from what I can see, it's just called "Burmese tea," though I agree that it does seem to be var. assamica. Commented Feb 21 at 15:11

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