What are the guidelines for safe water boiled lentils?

Like the Big Thaw from USDA


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Such guidelines do not exist.

The FDA (and other agencies with a similar scope of tasks, in the USA and internationally) only create standards and regulations where they see a need for it. Apparently, they have not seen a need to issue a standard for cooking lentils. The most likely reason is that the commonly used ways for cooking lentils (as opposed to the commonly used ways for thawing meat) haven't been sending people to hospitals.

So, it doesn't matter how you cook your lentils. As long as you follow the the other safety guidelines for cooked food (such as refrigerating them afterwards), they are officially considered safe.

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    For what it's worth, it's also possible to infer that they regard boiled lentils as sufficiently safe from the fact that there are recipes on the USDA website that simply boil them: wicworks.fns.usda.gov/resources/what-do-i-do-lentils They're basically in the same category as government advice for "how do I safely cook pasta".
    – Cascabel
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  • @Cascabel Boiled lentils are safe. How should I boil them? Commented Apr 18 at 22:13

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