Is this chicken breast cooked or still needs time? I’ve seared it with a pan for 10 minutes and rested for 5 minutes already, please helpenter image description here

  • Use a thermometer. That's the only way to tell
    – Hilmar
    Apr 4 at 1:04

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The only way to be sure is to measure the internal temperature of the meat. FoodSafety.gov says that chicken, including the breast, should be cooked to 165 F/74 C to meet food safety guidelines.

Searing for a given time and then resting is no indication of whether something is cooked, particularly for something with a widely variable size like chicken breast. The breast in your picture could be anywhere between about 4 oz (113 g) and 8 oz (226 g), and with such size differences, different cooking times are needed to reach the required temperature.

We cannot tell from a picture whether this is cooked enough to meet this requirement. Get a meat thermometer to ensure that you have cooked your food properly.

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