I was looking into Japanese dishes that I could cook for a friend with Celiac disease - so, no gluten.

I love making Ramen, and I know of course that Ramen is traditionally made with wheat noodles. But, I was wondering if there was a Japanese style of noodle similar to Ramen, but rice-based instead of wheat-based.

As it turns out, I'm either missing something, or the answer is no! There are plenty of other Japanese styles of noodles: Soba, Udon, and Somen, to name a few. However, each variety I found was either made of wheat flour or usually contains a bit of wheat flour mixed in.

There are also plenty of varieties of Rice noodles, but none of them seem to originate from Japan - Wikipedia doesn't have any rice noodle dishes listed from Japan.

Can anyone that knows more about noodles shed some light on this?

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