Can I microwave this grain?

I usually microwave my porridge oats so I want something equally as convenient. I picked up some amaranth but I can't find much online about microwaving it.

Any advice on how to microwave 1/4 cup of amaranth would be much appreciated.

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I ended up cooking 50 g of amaranth with 187.5 ml of water at 3 minute intervals in a 900 W microwave, it took a total of 12 minutes for the water to be fully absorbed and for the grain to become a solid almost translucent color. I also left it to rest for 10 minutes afterwards to trap any moisture that would otherwise steam off.

It was a little drier than I expected, I may try lowering the time of the last interval, but this might just be how amaranth is as I am not experienced with the grain.

It definitely made a nice porridge like breakfast once mixed with soy milk, fruit and nuts.

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WikiHow has a recipe for 3 minute Amaranth microwave porridge.

Basically, it's the same process as for oats with an adjustment of the liquid volumes to suit the grain. For the amaranth they seem to use 1 & 1/6th cups of liquid per cup of grain, whereas microwave porridge oats tend to use 2:1 liquid: grain, so the amaranth uses less liquid.

You might need to adjust the time microwaved by a bit if only using 1/4 cup of amaranth, but it won't be much less as you still need to cook the grain itself. It might be 2.5 min rather than 3 min, as 1/4 cup will heat faster than 1 cup.

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