I want to make some individual zabaglione & fruit souffles, but don't have ramekins. Also, I don't have much experience with souffles (but I have made them some times).

I have at my disposal:

  • 10 cm tartalette forms, nonstick, made from some very thin sheet metal, probably steel
  • 6 cm silicone muffin cups
  • 6 cm muffin pan paper liners. I have made muffins in them, stacked in twos on a rack. The muffins flow much wider than when contained in a pan, but are still not too flat.
  • plain porcelain tea cups

Which alternative will work best, and why?

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Out of each of these I would say the tea cups although I really think you would be better to purchase/borrow a souffle dish. The souffle needs to rise and a vertical makes this far easier.

I wouldn't use anything metal is it may get too hot too quickly and overcook the outside of the souffle.

Something else you might want to try is to use a casserole dish but make sides from heavy duty aluminium foil (about 6 inches high should do) or use a deep baking tin.

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