I don't have access to celery root (celeriac). What can I use instead? Are there any suitable alternatives?

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    @hobodave: Should this be edited to say celeriac as well? In the UK I do not know it as celery root at all, and people might search for celeriac, as it a reasonably common ingredient.
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  • Added celeriac as a tag. (Is there a way of making these tags equivalent?) Commented Mar 29, 2011 at 14:08
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    I'd be interested to know in what application. If it's a casserole, a salad, coleslaw...
    – Gary
    Commented Mar 29, 2011 at 14:22
  • Gary is on the mark. The answer may depend on how prominent an ingredient the celery root is.
    – user194
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From Cook's Thesaurus

turnips OR celery ribs (weaker flavor) OR parsley root OR (in salads of grated vegetables) carrots + dash celery seeds.


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    This answer is just copied verbatim from the Cook's Thesaurus - the first Google result - without attribution.
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    there are two major issues, one is copyright (we can't just plagiarize work, and call it our own), and the second is precedent. Here is a meta link explaining plagiarism in questions, the same applies for answers that do not attribute sources and try to pass off another's work as one's own. Beyond that, it is unethical to some, myself included, because it can be seen as lying and showing disrespect toward someone else.
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    I accept this and will work different from now!
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For a soup, you could probably use parsnips, rutabega (aka swedes), or even potatoes in place of celery root. Carrots would probably be fine too, but if you're puréeing the soup, they'll probably affect the color.

If you would like to find celery root, you might try an asian market. In the past, I've had success at a chinese market when all of the other local stores were out of celery root (in San Francisco).

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