In what ways do Blue potatoes differ from Yukon Golds? (Other than the color.)

  • Do they have comparable amounts of starch and water?
  • Do they have a different flavor or texture?
  • How should I be prepared adjust my cooking method if substituting Blues for Yukons?

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There definitely is a difference in flavor, although it is rather subtle. I find that the blue potatoes are a touch richer or more "potato-y" than Yukon Golds. However, in cooking with them I've had plenty of success doing direct substitutions. Other than the blue color being a little odd-looking in some recipes I think you'd be safe just swapping one for the other in most cases.


In my experiment, blue potatoes were substitutable for Yukon Golds. However:

  • Blue potatoes are smaller than Yukon Golds. Therefore, cooking time should be lessened by a between half to a third, particularly when parboiling.

  • Rather than having the subtle creamy flavor of Yukons, Blue potatoes have a distinctly nutty flavor. This flavor may drown out more subtle flavors that are common to recipes calling for Yukon Golds.

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