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Shaping thick crust pizza dough

When I make pizza, I stretch my dough to the wanted size and shape, with even thickness all around...
I'm finding it difficult to understand at which point I leave room for the outer rim...
As I see it, to make a outer rim that is fatter than the rest or the pizza I either:

  1. Leave a thicker outer rim in the dough before putting it in the oven,
  2. Roll the edges inwards to form the outer rim after I stretched the dough evenly, Or
  3. Do nothing and simply leave the edges without sauce, and the crust will form by itself?

Which is it?

And in case it's the first one, how do I accomplish this while stretching the dough?

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If by crust you mean a raised lip, simply pinch/push the edge up all the way around. Leaving the edge free of sauce won't make it rise a great deal more than the rest of the pizza.

Another way to get a lip is to first make a round, hemispherical mound of dough, like a D on its side. Form your hands into a circle and push them into the dough so you have a ring of dough surrounding a central mound, with a little dip in between the two. This ring is your crust.

Finally, push the pizza into shape, spreading the central mound of dough out to form the base, leaving the outer ring/crust in place.

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