The "wonder pot" is a type of stovetop bakeware that seems to have been popular in Israel during a period of austerity. I'm looking for a (preferably USA based) supplier for a new one.

Here's a link to a page with a photo of the item in question.

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My mother had a similarly shaped pan with a lid that she'd use for baking coffee cake and such when camping. It was all aluminum and much less complicated (and likely not as useful) as what your talking about. The closest thing I found is the Omnia Oven.

It looks they may be had for about $50.

  • That seems a bit pricey for just a stamped aluminum cookware, but this is exactly what I was looking for. The only difference I see is a lighter weight heat diffuser on the bottom. I'll give everyone a few days, but this looks like the best answer. Commented Jun 2, 2011 at 17:57
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    Here's what looks like an actual consumer-made video of the pan in action. youtube.com/watch?v=nTxWY8-3IvI (looks good for car camping/RV/canoe trip, but a bit much for a 4 person weekend backpacking group) Commented Jun 2, 2011 at 18:02
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    It looks like Optimus (known for camping stoves) marketed the same thing in the 70s as the "Mini Oven" base-camp.co.uk/Optimus/minioven.htm (in original blue:) bwca.com/… Commented Jun 2, 2011 at 18:28
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    After trying and failing to purchase the Omnia Stove from a bunch of online sources, I contacted the company (contoure.com). They told me that they discontinued the Omnia Stove. Does anyone know of any other sources that may be available?
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  • I don't know if it's useful (probably not), but in a lot of cheap kitchen utensils shops in israel you can buy the wonder-pots. I bought one last week for about 40 shekels (~10 dollars).
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My company now distributes the Omnia Oven which is a modern version of a wonder pot. These are available at http://lunatecgear.com/products/travel-gear/omnia/ and Amazon.

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions about Omnia. 858.653.0401

Cheers, Nick

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I tried my darndest to find a good answer for you, but I'm honestly not convinced that these are still being made! Here is a link to an antique one on Ebay.


  • I found nothing on ebay, even expired auctions, so you did better than I did. Still $70+ is a bit too much to allow for my food pr0n hobby. If this is a good "baking on a stove" tool, I would think the backpacking crowd would have adopted this as a solution. Maybe that heat spreader is too heavy? Anyway, great pictures in that auction. Commented Jun 1, 2011 at 20:37

for those wanting to buy a wonder pot, like me. i found this today. wonder pot is being sold in israel (jerusalem and tel aviv), sharing the link. http://www.carine.co.il/htmls/page_683.aspx?c0=13572&bsp=13800

i plan to have one shipped to singapore before december. will keep you posted how this turns out.


I'm a librarian and I found this thread because I have a patron who is also looking for one of these. It looks like they sell them here: http://www.seadogboatingsolutions.com/omnia-stove-top-oven.html Hope that helps! -Kate


In regard to the Wonder Pot, this item is made in Israel and it is imported to the USA by Weiss Gifts Ltd. in Brooklyn NY Can be purchase by there site at www.weissjudaica.com Hear is the direct link to this Wonder Pot: http://www.weissjudaica.com/system/scripts/results_big.cgi?product=100


Of course we still make wonder pots! You can get one on http://www.planero.co.il/item.asp?cn_4320 (a supplier in Israel). But I don't understand why you would want it, here it is considered a choice for people who can't afford anything better.


You can try looking at gelatin moulds, savarin moulds, tube pans, angel food cake pans or pound cake pans, they look the same as the lower part of the wonder pot:

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Pound Cake Pan

This one has handles, others don't, and you could put them in a pot with a lid.

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