I have a "basic" recipe for roast beef that uses 1 bottle of black beer as an ingredient.

I am looking for a non-alcoholic ingredient to replace it because my parents don't drink alcohol and I usually don't have alcohol on hand.

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Non-alcoholic beer makes sense. If you can't find any you could simmer alcoholic beer for about 3 hours, which should remove the vast majority of the alcohol. You might need to add a little water afterwards if it has reduced too much.


Black Beer is not beer as you would know it! It is a thick concentrated malt liquor. The best substitute would be a non-alcoholic dark malt liquor, or some malt extract.


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    It is interesting to know where the recipe comes from; regionally, "black beer" is used for specific types of dark beer. We may have found a new candidate for the regional terms CW.
    – rumtscho
    Jun 9, 2011 at 10:55

Try some variety of Malta beverage. Malta is a hopped, malt soda/pop. Essentially it's unfermented and carbonated beer. Especially if black beer is exceptionally malty and sweet, Malta would be a good non-alcoholic substitute. If your recipe has some sweet aspect elsewhere you might cut back on that if Malta is too sweet.

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