I want to make a lemon tart, but I want tins with straight walls, like the ones in this image.


How would I find them - is there a name I can look for? I've been unable to find them online (and they need to be shippable to Australia).

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First, those are not a "tin" which may explain why you've had trouble finding them. They are individual tart rings which must be placed on a baking sheet. Sometimes they're called flan rings or, if they're larger, cake rings.

If you do a Google search with Australia "tart ring" you'll see that plenty of baking supply businesses in AU sell them.

Good luck!

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Amazon seems to have quite a bit of choice. For instance:

Mini Cheesecake Pan

6-Inch Mini Pie Pan

Straight-sided Muffin/Cornbread Pan

Alternatively maybe these cookie cutters could do?


Those are English Muffin rings. Do a search for them. Most are 3.25'-3.75'diameter. You can usually get 4 of them for about $6-$7 plus shipping. Many are made by fox river


Those are muffin rings. If you are in the USA you can get them 4 for $7 at Walmart. They carry Norpro and Fox Run.

Some people call them flan rings but the muffin rings are exactly the same and much cheaper.

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