I don't know a whole lot about what makes an electric steamer a good steamer. I'm looking for recommendations for one where I'm hoping to make tamales with. The plan is to make large batches so capacity is definitely a concern. Would the multi-level steamers work?

Any specific recommendations would be great. Any suggestions on what features to look for would also be appreciated.

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I have never cooked tamales before, but when looking for something that needs to get hot (griddle, waffle iron, steamer)

  • Get something made out of metal. Plastic will not get as hot and will warp over time.
  • Avoid Low/Med/High dials, get something that will tell you the actual temperature.
  • Even heat distribution is key. Make sure the element/steam is not lopsided.

Some things that I would go for would be a glass top, a digital dial, and a safety power cord that detaches from the unit if yanked.


Here are some tips which I found on Consumer Mentor:

  • High-gauge aluminum and stainless steel both provide a robust, lightweight, and easy to clean material for tamale steamers
  • Riveted handles are a good feature as they don't get too hot
  • A glass lid can be good as it allows you to see inside the pot without releasing the steam
  • As far as size is concerned each quart will fit around 3 tamales, so you should calculate your required size based on that.

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