I have 60 oz of evaporated milk and don't know what to cook with it. I have found some recipes, but they only call for 12 oz to be used and I'm about to get another 36 oz. What is a good recipe (or recipes) that use a lot of evaporated milk? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or desert recipes are welcome. This question taught me that I can turn some of it into sweetened condensed milk, so that can be one of the ingrediants too.

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Flan, a type of custard, is the same as crème caramel, tasty desert.

Pumpkin pie uses a bunch of evaporated milk.

Ducle de leche is a terrific desert topping and filling, translated literally it means 'sweet of milk'. The reason I mention this is that in Argentina and Chile, cans of sweetened condensed milk are boiled, unopened, on the stove for some hours to produce dulce de leche. I understand that what you have is evaporated milk, which is different; there is no reason not to try using it to make this delicious treat.

Here is a link with a bazillion uses for evaporated milk:


  • Mmmm... flan... Oh, sorry, where was I?
    – Marti
    Sep 12, 2011 at 22:54

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