I am an active person in the gym 4-5 days a week and always running or playing squash the other days, I work 5 days a work and I am terrible for packing lunches, I was wondering if anyone had suggestion for high protein easy to make lunches to bring to work whether its the night before or morning of? thanks, Beef

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Do you have access to a microwave and fridge at work? Then you can make extra food for dinner and bring that as leftovers for lunch. Things like stir fries, stews, soups are great for having extra meals through the week.

Other staples would be:

  • boil eggs at the beginning of the week
  • cans of tuna, salmon, sardines and other small fish
  • cook an extra breast of chicken, extra roast beef/other meat
  • Nuts
  • leftover bacon

All these things can be added to salads to make a satifying meal, or used to make sandwiches(nuts needing to either be a butter, or added to chicken salad.)


In terms of protein, it's hard to beat block of tofu + soy sauce + hot sauce. It requires neither cooking nor refrigeration!


Well you can simply make varying types of sandwiches/salads made of cold-cuts, chicken, and beef.

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