Given that barleywine is a strong ale, is it suitable in recipes which call for ale, or does the extra alcohol and stronger flavor overwhelm the recipe?

I realize the answer will be "it depends" if varies by recipe; I am more interested in whether the answer is "Absolutely!" or "Absolutely not!"

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Barleywines initially have a large amount of sugars in them before fermentation, and brewers balance that by adding a large amount of hops. There is a large bitterness factor in a barleywine, which you may or may not notice, depending on your tastes and the individual brew. If you try to reduce it like you might with a wine, the bitterness may quickly get overwhelming.

With that in mind, I see no reason why you couldn't use a barleywine in any recipe that would work with a strongly flavored beer.

Check out The Home Brewed Chef for some great ideas for how to cook with beer.


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