I have read this very good link on the differences in paprika, but I did not learn all that I need to learn as far as buying these different varieties. When I go to my grocery chain to do my weekly shopping and I see the spice container which says Paprika, is that just going to be "Plain" paprika. I ask because I need to go out and find both sweet paprika and hot paprika which probably will require a little more effort on my part to find. Maybe a Whole Foods or something?


This information should be indicated on the label: sweet, sweet&sour, spicy, smoked...

Generic paprika is sweet and will probably not have much flavor (that is why paprika can be used in paella together with saffron - see this question)

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    This might be accidentally US/western centric - are we sure that "generic paprika" will not get you something surprisingly spicy (eg deggi mirch or even cayenne powder) in some english speaking locales? Not a rhetorical question. – rackandboneman Mar 19 '18 at 22:44
  • @rackandboneman : I suspect that if you were in a grocery store in Spain or Hungary the answers would be different from that in the US. Other places in the EU, I have no clue. – Joe Mar 20 '18 at 2:54

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