It has come to my attention that in the book "Green Eggs and Ham", the property "green" is applied to both the eggs and the ham. How can I achieve this effect (green ham) at home? I have years of green eggs + normal ham to make up for ;)

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When I did this as a kid with my mom, we just put food dye (the same we put in the eggs) on the slices of ham.

As someone who has tried this though, I have to strongly recommend you don't. While it's easy to get around the fact that the eggs you're about to eat are green, ham that's green just doesn't look right. It was a struggle to eat it even though I knew it was only food coloring.

My dad wouldn't even touch it because it looked so wrong.


Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the following will be tasty or edible...

My first thought would be a brine of some some sort. I imagine that should turn your ham green, by soaking it in a quick brine. I've heard of people brining hams, so if you do a google for that, that might be a place to start and add food coloring to it. However, like many brines/marinades, it might not soak all the way through... So I don't know if you'd pre-slice the pieces or what...

Or perhaps, even simpler you could just "paint" your ham after cooking...

  • something with parsley maybe?
    – nico
    Mar 3, 2012 at 0:44
  • Kool-Aid comes to mind for the brine coloring here. It works well with pickles, why not ham too? google.com/… Mar 3, 2012 at 1:32

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