I am thinking of making dinner tonight (probably pasta) and the ingredients that I have a courgettes, tomatoes and half a butternut squash. I am 70% vegetarian

I first added olive oil, then fried onions and garlic, then added in the vegetables. I added in salt, pepper, souvlaki seasoning, sage and thyme I believe for extra taste. At the end I mixed in a tablespoon of Ricotta (my favourite cheese). The pasta I had with it was Rigatoni.

However the taste turned out to be a bit bland. What can I do to spice up this recipe? I want it to be more intense,perhaps roasting the vegetables first and then frying them. Will that help? Otherwise what can I add to increase its taste?


Edit : Instead of having pasta with this sauce, can I have Ciabatta baked in the oven with it?

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  • I am sorry... but what would a 70% vegetarian be? – nico Mar 10 '12 at 15:31
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try adding some green, yellow and red peppers with the added vegetables. I believe these peppers give a strong taste.

Also you could try to add some paper laurel when cooking, then remove it upon serving, it gives a good taste and smell too.

  • Hey I roasted them in the oven and then pulverised them with the hand blender and the taste was a lot better! – Ben Lim Mar 10 '12 at 10:34

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