I have this glass top burner for almost 5 years. It was fine until I cooked food in Aluminum Pot and Aluminum frying pan... the base of these pots leaft white marks on the glass. It looks like part of the glass now. I tried Baking Soda, Cerama Bryte, Soap but no results. How can I get rid of them pr will never will?

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I've heard of people having luck using a razor blade (like one for scraping paint from a window). Just be careful, as the glass could probably scratch easily.


My parents have had good luck with a steam cleaner. (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing this particular product, just linking so you know what I am referring to.) They use cerama bryte for standard cleaning and the steam cleaner for the stubborn stains.


Use a mild abrasive compound like a copper metal polish. It will remove a minute trace of glass, but should not leave any visible marks if used correctly

The "Brasso" brand works for me

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