I put a large pork roast in the crock pot this morning and accidentally set it to warm. I noticed it about 2 hours later and turned it to high. Is it safe to eat or do I need to toss it and buy a new one?

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    Please see the food safety wiki, which answers this question as well as all other "food left out" questions pretty definitively. 2 hours is at the very edge of the USDA guidelines, which makes this a pretty low risk but not quite risk-free. It also depends on what your crock pot's "warm" temperature actually is; if it's at or above 140° F then there's less of a risk. That's about all we can tell you. – Aaronut Dec 2 '12 at 21:14
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There are a number of related questions regarding crockpots and food safety on this site but I found this informative link that will help explain why you may not want to risk keeping that roast that has been in a safety danger zone (below 165 F) for more than an hour. The meat becomes a bacteria breeding ground, in essence.


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