I have a pack of fish in the fridge that says cook from frozen, is it safe to cook now it has defrosted. I have had it for one day in the fridge

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Yes it is safe. You might have to adjust the cooking timing that is suggested though.


It is safe, but I would not leave it in the fridge much more than one day. Also make certain it is fully cooked through. If you like your fish a bit rare, but fresh and cook as soon as possible.


if only one day defrosting and kept in fridge it should be ok still to cook BUT any ODOUR emanating from it after rinsing it is a good guide. // Fresh fish Doesn't really smell "fishy"…

  • Honestly it really depends on the species of fish - for example a shorelunch made from northern pike the meat will smell fishy despite being dead only minutes as a result of the fish's natural odour. This is an over generalization and may not be applicable to the species in question by the OP.
    – J Crosby
    May 5, 2020 at 14:53

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