I am preparing agnolini alla mantovana and I would like to pair the dish with a second course and side in classic Mantuan style.

agnolini source

Mantuan cuisine is famous for its "set meals".

What are the classic pairings, in the sense of pairing tastes but also of reuse of resources, for example if I pair it with boiled meat, I can use the stock with the agnolini? I'd rather avoid the boiled meat in this instance.

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The Google translation of this article was a bit rough, so I went through it for you and added some links to recipes and such. I hope this helps. I learned a bit myself. That Torta Sbrisolona shall be mine!

The recipe for Agnolini doesn't call for stock, but I bet you could use it in that preparation as long as you reduce it enough. You don't want a runny filling.

Source. http://www.ristorantimantova.info/piatti-tipici-mantovani

The Mantuan kitchen is closely linked with the history and traditions of its neighboring cities. The geographical location of Mantua, squeezed between Venice and Emilia Romagna, characterizes the kitchen. The ruling Gonzaga dynasty heavily influenced the culinary traditions of Mantua. The Mantuan kitchen is often referred to as "Of the Princes and the People" because it combines the refinement of Gonzaga kitchen with dishes typical of the peasant folk.

Among the typical dishes of Mantua, the real backbones are the first courses.

Among the dishes are the very Mantuan "Miller's Risotto", the Agnolini (picture) and Tortelli di Zucca, a true symbol of the delicious local cuisine.

As for the main courses, the Mantuan cuisine offers both fish dishes, such as catfish, trout, pike and saltarei the famous Sauced Pike and meat dishes, such as roast beef, poultry and game, stews, pot roasts and boiled him.

Another highlight of the delicious local cuisine are the cold cuts and sausages. In addition to the famous Mantuan salami, one must not skip a tasting of Ciccioli, the Gras Pistàs, the sausages used for Risotto alla Mantovana and, especially in winter, Cotechino.

Equally famous are the DOP (“Denominazione di Origine Protetta” or "Protected Designation of Origin") Mantuan cheeses Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano and Provolone and the condiment Mustard Mantovana.

As for fruits and vegetables, country kitchens are famous for their cultivation of melons and pears.

Desserts, along with the first course, are the real highlight of the Mantuan cuisine, such as La Torta Sbrisolona, La Torta delle Rose, and La Torta Elvezia

We must also say a few words about Mantuan wines: Denominazione di Origine Controllata Lambrusco Mantovano red wine, Colli Morenici white wines, and Garda Colli Mantovani wines.

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