I would like to make individual containers of Jello with fruit pieces, but the fruit always sinks to the bottom,is there a way to prevent this?


The only trick I know is to let it start to firm up before mixing in the fruit. You can pour a layer, let it slightly firm up (it'll be kinda a thick goo), add the fruit and the rest of the mix.

... but you don't want to let it set up completely; then you'll just have two layers that haven't bonded well with fruit stuck in there.

Exact time for it to gel depends on what temperature you're resting it, and the size of the container you're chilling it in (mostly it's a matter of surface to mass ratio)


You'll need two boxes of Jello.

  1. Make the first box.
  2. Fill up your glasses half way and put them in the refrigerator to start solidifying
    • Added bonus: Tilt the glasses in the fridge
  3. Put your fruit in
  4. Make the second box, use it to fill up the glasses to the top
    • Bonus: Use different colors of Jello!

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