When I make either potato or macaroni salad, I always have a problem the next day with the salad soaking up the mayo so it looks like there was no mayo added. I DO feel that I add a good amount of mayo.

I don't add a lot of ingredients, just a little salt and black pepper, chopped onion and celery and maybe a little parsley, never any eggs or mustard. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I always let the potatoes cool before making the salad, and I always rinse my pasta in cold water after cooking and let drain for a while before mixing.

A deli near me makes potato salad and I'll have it for days and it will still look like it was just mixed with mayo; the potatoes in their salad (macaroni too) never absorb the mayo. Does anyone have a remedy to this problem?

  • Mayonaise is mostly oil. How much are your salads absorbing? Is there an oily slick at the bottom which would indicate the majo lost its emulsion? – SAJ14SAJ May 13 '13 at 16:28

It is highly likely that they simply add enough mayonnaise and other ingredients of their sauce that even after the macaroni or potatoes absorb their maximum amount, there is enough left.

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