How do I make a nice cup of matcha tea without the whisk?

I hear the recipe including the use of a whisk is a traditional way of making ceremonial matcha drink, but I'd like to know how to make a drink from matcha without a whisk.

Here's a photo of the tea whisk along with a bamboo spoon: enter image description here

I can't get a whisk right now, but if it turns out it's really worth making matcha drink according to the ceremonial recipe, I'll be sure to get it.

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I have had a lot of success getting matcha whipped into a nice froth (and getting rid of the little tea lumps) using a small blender, like a Magic Bullet. I just put the warm water and matcha powder into the blender, pulse it a few times, then blend it continuously for about 20 seconds.

If you don't mind putting in more elbow grease, a balloon whisk can work just as well for doing it by hand.


I propose shaking.

I've been drinking matcha for a few months and I've never owned a matcha set. Usually, I will take a swing-top glass bottle, add some matcha powder and hot water, and shake vigorously. Then I open the bottle and pour the matcha into a cup.

Using this method, the matcha dissolves perfectly; there are no clumps in the tea nor does any of the powder stick to the bottle. The only downside I have found so far is that some of the froth will remain inside the bottle, but most of it will still make it to the cup. The taste does not seem different from a matcha made using a whisk, which I had a few times at a friend's place.

I imagine a cocktail shaker, or any similar closable and heat-resistant container, would also work.


The aerolatte handheld battery-operated milk frothers work very, very well with a little practice. Seriously great crema after you get the hang of it.


Coastal Tea Company has a product called a "Modern Matcha Whisk" that works great for forthing up matcha. I was frustrated with using (and cleaning) traditional matcha whisks/chasens so I use this now.

You can get it on Amazon, more details are at http://www.coastalteaco.com

enter image description here

  1. battery milk frother
  2. mason jar
  3. blender
  4. metal kitchen whisk
  5. fork

This post has full explanation and photos. Cheers! http://www.westendmatcha.com/blogs/news/64569285-5-easy-ways-to-make-matcha-without-a-whisk

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